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LMMC has led the way in retail destination and development marketing for the last two decades, partnering with world-renowned developers and retail venues to establish compelling destinations.

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A retail spectacle?

It’s rare that a piece of technology is as celebrated and derided as Google Glass. With a $1500 price tag, Glass is adorned almost exclusively by celebrities and technology leaders. Despite the hype the device has been met with heavy criticism. Uptake has been slow but has left us wondering just what impact Google’s wearable tech will have on business? Or even society?


Charting the unchartered

This time, we are looking at what3words, a service which offers us the opportunity to address previously unknown locations and the ability to pinpoint any location on the globe (to the nearest two meters) with a unique 3 word combination.


Beacons – retail’s shining light

Increasingly, retailers are looking to beacons to enhance the in-store shopping experience while simultaneously aligning the physical with the online retail experience. Beacons communicate with shoppers’ smartphones by sending them media such as ads, discounts and product information. They also pose as a critical tool in enhancing point-of-sale systems and in generating customer intelligence – particularly on how customers browse and manoeuvre through stores.


The changing face of retail

Gathered yesterday on the banks of the Thames, property and retail developers alike met to attend the Completely Retail & Leisure Marketplace. The event was held at the Old Billingsgate Market building, itself an example of the changing nature of markets and of how the property industry forever adapts.