Autonomous vehicles set to bridge the destination transport gap

Autonomous Vehicles

As specialists in destination marketing, we are delighted to be working with a leading player in the autonomous vehicle revolution.

As a boy I was fascinated by the possibilities of new forms of transport featured in comic books and science fiction, many of which have failed to materialise or reach the mainstream. But we do now seem to be closer to new forms of transport which could quite quickly make a real difference in both ease of travelling the last leg of journeys and doing so with a much lighter environmental impact.

While driverless cars of various types are receiving considerable attention we are still some way from solving all the issues around lengthy journeys, interaction with pedestrians and other types vehicles and replacing the freedom and flexibility of the car as we know it.

But the issue of transporting people from public transport hubs or parking locations to a variety of destinations looks like a much simpler problem to solve. We are talking about short distances, repetitive passenger trips to and from specific locations and in many cases journeys over private land and in environments that are easier to control.

Obvious contenders for pod vehicles which can shuttle people relatively short distances of a mile or two are sites such as exhibition facilities which are spread over a wide area with a requirement to get visitors from parking to specific exhibition halls or conference venues. Similarly links to sporting venues, theme parks, airports, shopping centres, heritage sites and leisure facilities often have a last leg that is tricky to negotiate, particularly for people who are not able to or do not have the time to walk for long distances.

Britain is at the forefront of driverless vehicle development and trials are currently taking place at these types of venues. There is also considerable interest from experts focussing on the development of smart cities, eco towns and villages. With worldwide interest we are at the beginnings of a multibillion industry which combines the skills of the automotive industry, with related sensor equipment linked to computer software, hardware and navigation technology.

Venues and marketers from potential partner companies who are interested in exploring the possibilities are welcome to contact Selwyn Rowley at LMMC for further details and advice.

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