Five tips to help you grow your business this year

The year ahead looks set to present a fair number of challenges but with regard to marketing and communications we can help you maximise the opportunities while keeping risk to a minimum while also being creative and competitive,

1. Outsource special marketing initiatives. Many companies will be reluctant to increase fixed overheads in the face of uncertainty so it makes sense to buy in marketing projects with specific objectives. Tell us your top challenges and targets and we will advise how these can be met.

2. Think about how your customer behaviour is changing. Already 90 per cent of B2B buyers start their purchasing process online and only engage with a sales person more than half way through the selection process. We can help you to make sure that your business comes out well in that due diligence process and improve your sales funnel.

3. Stop flying blind. Too many companies are not really measuring the performance of their website and online activity. Remember all digital interaction leaves a trace and we can help you monitor and turn this knowledge into business insight.

4. Call in a resource investigator. If you are looking for sales collateral we are just a phone call away and can deliver great materials at competitive prices.

5. Don’t forget conventional media which is still important. Use our digital technology for your media interactions nationally and internationally. We can identify the right journalists, polish and distribute your material and analyse responses in real time with great discounts for repeat usage.

If any of these thoughts ring a bell with you please email or call 0044 1926 611700

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