Google to use mobile friendliness as a ranking signal

Unless you have been living on a remote island with Bear Grylls for the last few years you will have noticed that the way people are accessing the internet has changed, with most people now using mobiles and tablets.

As a result, we have only been recommending and applying responsive web sites for some time. We believe it does not make sense to exclude a large part of the audience from viewing your products and services.

So there is little surprise in the news that from April 21, 2015 Google (the dominant search engine that most people use) will use mobile friendliness as a ranking signal in search results thus favouring websites that are fully optimised for mobile platforms.

While most modifications Google makes have a minor impact this one will be profound and any business owner concerned about the performance of their website should respond accordingly.

A quick check of businesses in the immediate area of Coventry and Warwickshire has indicated that many fail the mobile test so business owners should take note.

The good news however is that web design has evolved too and it is now straightforward to produce an optimised version of the average site, cost effectively particularly as the performance will generally be improved significantly.

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