Great opportunities around classic cars

Classic Cars are certainly in the thoughts of investors, with prices soaring and huge interest.

There have also been some headline grabbing articles about vehicles outperforming the property market and amazing examples such as the Aston Martin Zagato sold at Sotheby’s in New York for $14m or the red 1957 Ferrari 335 Sport Scaglietti sold for over £25m in Paris.

With almost every form of investment there are risks and cycles that go up and down. But there is something enduring about the appeal of the beautifully crafted cars that have become classics and the memories they evoke with textures, sounds and smells tinged with nostalgia. The watch words are buy what you can afford and only the cars you truly love.

Now however, for the more risk-averse person who just wants to experience a range of classic cars there are now much easier ways to gain the experience without the cost or risks of ownership.

LMMC has recently developed a website for Revival Cars which gives access to a wide range of beautiful classic cars by the day, weekend or week.

You can now go on the Revival Cars website, choose a vehicle, pick a date and book a car and it will perfectly ready for your use. The cars available range from an Alfa Romeo Spider to an Austin 7 Convertible, through to Jaguars, Daimlers and Morgans.

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