Internet spells growth for Midlands companies

King Canute
Companies who are interested in growth cannot afford to have their heads in the sand with regard to the importance of the Internet.

Looking at the fastest growing companies in the UK midlands, they tend to be businesses which have seized the online opportunity with both hands.

Several Midlands companies have featured in the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 league table and continue to make a strong contribution to the local economy.

Top-ranked company in the region last year is The Genuine Gemstone Company, which sells jewellery online and through its television shopping channels, such as Gems TV. The Redditch-based firm clinched the regional top spot and was placed sixth overall after sales rose 189% a year to £83.7m.

Love Shopping Direct also made its first appearance on the list after sales leapt to £5.1m. The Birmingham-based company owns the online shop, which sells energy-saving lighting.

At this point I can imagine some directors shaking their heads and saying this doesn’t apply to my business as we sell B2B or the success of my business is based on other factors but even these companies should not ignore the trend and behave like King Canute with the tide coming in.

Too many Midlands companies are still relying on static brochure websites which do not reflect day to day developments in the business and they are gradually slipping down the search rankings as rivals improve that they are doing. With so many people now using smartphones to research and find suppliers those without optimised sites are excluding a mass of potential traffic and are in effect encouraging customers to view their rivals.

But the website is just the start of the story and engagement is the key, which all calls for content that captures interest and encourages interaction. Historically this was through the media which still remains important but this should now also be amplified through channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

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