Vibrant Latin American restaurant to spice up the mix in Coventry

Eat Latin/Drink Latin

Las Iguanas, the restaurant chain which has grasped the opportunity of the boom in British casual dining and more adventurous tastes, is a great example for any business looking to create a new market and grow a business – and it will soon be spicing up the Coventry restaurant offer.

LMMC will be working with local contacts and media to build anticipation and awareness of the restaurant, building on the recent successful launch of Las Iguanas in Leamington. If you are a blogger or journalist with interest in restaurants, food and cocktails please get in touch with us.

The business started back in 1991 when founder Eren Ali bought a failed Italian restaurant from his landlady in Bristol and turned it into his Latin concept, relaxed eating place and renamed it Las Iguanas. Now 24 years later there are around 40 restaurants spread across the UK with more in the pipeline.

But like most businesses the road to success has taken effort and determination. One of the reasons for the amazing progress highlighted in interviews with by the restaurant founder had been persistence and a willingness to never accept defeat.

The first restaurant opened in a quiet street in Bristol in the teeth of a recession on a site where restaurants had failed before. But the concept worked because the vision of a fun, vibrant restaurant serving simple, fresh Latin American food in a casual setting was new and attractive – remaining the central core idea of the business to the present day .

A lot has been written about the reasons the restaurant succeeded and grew into a substantial chain where many fail. But in a nutshell the lessons are those which apply to most successful businesses – stick to a great idea, attract and retain talent; listen to the customers, don’t lose the concept in processes as you grow, constantly improve and develop at your own pace. All of these are easy to say but hard to deliver unless you have great leadership and develop a strong culture within the business which Las Iguanas has done.

The Las Iguanas in Coventry will open in late August in a new development in the centre of the City which is part of a revitalisation of the restaurant and retail offer. Las Iguanas will help create an exciting new dining quarter at Cathedral Lanes.The restaurant as ever will feature freshly made Latin American food with Spanish, Portuguese and African influences plus an exciting range of Latin cocktails. We look forward to seeing you there.

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