Las Iguanas


Las Iguanas is a leading UK-based speciality restaurant chain with roots in the flavours and atmosphere of South America.

Mojitos at Las Iguanas Launch Event




LMMC was given the responsibility of creating and managing a launch event to celebrate the opening of Las Iguanas in Leamington Spa. The activities involved included audience planning and selection, stakeholder engagement, the management of guest responses, PR, social media campaigning and post-event analytics.


LMMC was succesfully able to organise an event subsequently labelled 'one of the best Las Iguanas launch parties ever'. Targeting key stakeholders and using an innovative guest management application, we were able to ensure the event received the right audience and in the right numbers. The post-launch review included a detailed analysis of attendance and the spread of resulting influence, plus the event photography and an overview of event feedback on Twitter.

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