Living the brand

You know you are onto a winner when you have a brand that connects to its audience on a deep and emotional level.

People who have experienced Morgan generally fall in love with the cars, the great craftsmanship and their distinctive appearance.

We experienced this at a recent photoshoot we organised to capture the Morgan lifestyle and a range of products which naturally associate with the fun and adventure of these vehicles.

Filming at the beautiful national Trust property, Hanbury Hall, we attracted considerable interest with many people relating stories about the cars and their experiences with them. But every now and then you meet someone who is a great brand advocate and has a deep connection. One of the volunteers at Hanbury Hall who was a great help to us in keeping people out of camera shot was Phil Whitehouse whose father worked at Morgan for 50 years. The legacy was leaving his son with a deep love of everything to do with the brand. Thanks for your help.

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