Matchmaking cars and clothing

There are times when associating brands with similar values can be a massive win win as the relationship can generate huge interest and introduce new audiences.

A classic example has been our recent work with Morgan Motor Cars linking them to the fashion world and helping them develop a range of clothing and accessories which complement the brand and provide valuable products for people who are interested I all things Morgan.

We introduced Morgan to Clements & Church through a series of photo-shoot events which subsequently turned into a full association with the clothing company eventually producing a range of bespoke Morgan brand products.

The collaboration began with a limited edition range of cufflinks, belts, fitted Aero luggage and club ties produced to reflect the unique craftsmanship of Morgan sports cars. View latest collection here

“Individuality, unrivalled attention to detail and an appreciation for quality materials are shared values within the philosophy of both British companies,” says Morgan head of design, Jon Wells.

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