Extending the reach and accessibility of the classic Morgan Car brand

Struthers Morgan Cars

It is a source of great pride that style and craftsmanship are still very much alive in the UK and that iconic brands such as Morgan Cars are continuing to thrive and create new products.

The Morgan Motor Company has evolved over more than 100 years into a true icon, a darling of the automotive industry and a brand synonymous with unrivalled excitement. The company remains a family owned, independent business and continues to build beautiful cars for road and track.

What is more, many thousands of people are so inspired by the exciting range of vehicles that they visit the factory each year and many more attend a multitude of classic car and racing events featuring Morgan cars.

No factory tour or event is now complete without a visit to the gift shop or merchandise stall as we all want to have a small piece of this heritage brand that has created distinctive and immediately recognisable cars, bucking the global trend for vehicles which look more and more similar.

Owners too, want to live the brand and customise their vehicles with an increasing range of accessories from Mahogany Steering wheels to adjustable shock absorbers and merchandise which ranges from leather key fobs and appropriate clothing through to very aspirational Struthers for Morgan watches.

LMMC is delighted to be working with the Morgan Motor Company and Leacy Classics, its supplier of parts and merchandise, to further develop this important aspect of the business.

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