Mystery new tenant at St Martin’s Quarter

You can’t see anything in the real world but if you inhabit the world of smartphone-gaming you will not have escaped the fact that a Pokémon Gym has moved into St Martin’s Quarter, the retail and leisure destination..

If you are under over 25 or don’t have someone under that age in your household the rebirth of the Pokémon phenomenon may have passed you by. But its impact has been significant, heralding a new era of gaming that takes place walking around rather than locked in a bedroom and or sitting at a computer screen.

For the uninitiated Pokémon is a Japanese word for pocket monsters which were initially used by children in the 1990’s to battle on hand held Nintendo ‘Game Boys’. But with the recent advent of Pokémon Go the monsters are now free to roam in cities and towns all around the world and they are irresistible to the generation that grew up with them.

Each gym is created by a number of teams and has a prestige level which determines how much of a challenge it is for new prospective players.

There are numerous Pokémon stops in area surrounding St Martin’s Quarter which can be used to restore battle damaged Pokémon to health or capture new monsters.

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