Sap Scheduling Agreement Cumulative Quantity

The cumulative quantity of a material up to a given date. The agreed cumulative quantity is deducted from the cumulative amount of goods received, so that, at the annual change, the purchasing department and the creditor work on the same amount of GR. The agreed cumulative amount is calculated on the basis of the voting date. The quantity to which the component supplier can deliver finished products to the customer during the validity period of the delivery plan. This amount is only available in just-in-time delivery plans (JIT). Within the Service Parts Management (SPM) using delivery plans, the creditor and the purchasing service can agree on the quantities requested and delivered and, if the exercise changes, use the combined amount agreed to correct the cumulative quantity of products (GR-CQ). You can transfer this additional data to SAP APO in the delivery plan via IDoc DELFOR02 – Delivery Plan/JIT. Processing the position of the delivery plan (for example. B, opening and sending to the creditor) must be made according to the voting date. In this case, the agreed cumulative quantity is deducted from the cumulative amount of receipt of the goods. The cumulative volume of goods inflows and cumulative release quantities are reduced by the amount of the agreed cumulative quantity.

System only updates all appointments that have a delivery date for that date. And at 5 p.m., these quantities are updated with the total quantity and not for the sum of last year. Total of all external agent deliveries during the debtor`s fiscal year. This amount is not available in JIT delivery plans. The following cumulative quantities are only relevant to the delivery plan processing date with external agents. OlTP delivery schedules for service share management (SPM) cannot be used because the calendar positions on the horizon. B planning that have been transferred via the creditor version can no longer be deleted in SAP APO. You cannot change the planning stations for OLTP delivery stations in SAP APO for functions such as distribution needs planning, external acquisition – appointment maintenance (transaction/SAPAPO/SPPDRPSB), product planning table (transaction /SAPAPO/RRP3) or SNP planning table.

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