St Martin’s Quarter nearly full as Barnardos move in

A Barnardos store has joined the mix in St Martin’s Quarter selling a wide range of clothing, accessories, toys and cards.

It is the charity’s second store in Worcester and is part of a 600 strong network of Barnardo’s shops around the UK which contribute funds to the charity and enables it to help transform the lives of vulnerable children and young people.

The shops provide a community service where people can donate unwanted items and where others can shop for quality items at fantastic value.

Selwyn Rowley of Carillion Richardson said:” We are delighted to add a Barnardo’s store to the mix providing a useful community service and enhancing the offer provided by St Martins Quarter to Worcester shoppers.

St Martin’s Quarter is trading well and is now nearly fully let with just one shop unit and the basement under ASDA still available for some form of leisure use.”

Barnardo’s area business manager, Belinda Germain (pictured left alongside store manager Anita Jordan) said: “We were attracted to St Martin’s Quarter because of the high footfall, excellent parking and the modern retail environment and it is great to be located opposite Costa.”

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