Vasa Membership Agreement

… It`s pretty sad. I don`t write reviews very often, but I can only read about the reviews I`ve read that they`re going to go bankrupt soon and I don`t feel bad at all for them!!! They froze my account in July, when the gyms reopened in CO because of the virus, probably like many states. Not that they even asked! So I work 8-5, Monday to Friday by far… in the mountains, so the nearest gym in Littleton, CO-45-50 minutes. Yes, try to get to a time in the evening — none available, but don`t immediately cancel think that more slot could open after a while. Well, they didn`t – I called it what I had to do – no answer! Vasa recharged every month… then, last month, they charged me $75 — they say an annual fee for something I can`t even go now! Then I go online, because after talking to someone a month ago, they had to terminate my membership – no registration – so they confirmed today that they received my resignation. Yes, yes. then they turn around and charge me a cancellation fee of 25 dollars…

After costing another monthly fee yesterday in The Amount – this should have already been cancelled! I`m so angry and I`ll do everything I can to get my money back – of course, I`m not the only one! Never set foot in your gym again. If you like working in a trash can, you`ll love Vasa. Garbage everywhere, every day, anytime. Employees only play on their phones and flirt with each other. Lazy staff – lazy members! And if you like to break other people`s weights, you`re going to love Vasa! They have established a culture of laziness. Don`t waste your money, buy a membership in a private club where people really care. There is nothing less than 1 star or I will give less After, please contact VASA: RESOLUTION OF DISPUTES In case of dispute between you and VASA FITNESS, our goal is to provide you with a neutral and economical way to resolve the dispute quickly. Accordingly, you and VASA FITNESS agree that all claims or legal or legal controversies arising from this Contract or our Services (“Claims”) will be terminated in accordance with one of the following subsections or concluded in writing. Before using these alternatives, we strongly advise you to contact us first directly to find a solution and we will consider appropriate dispute resolution requests through alternative dispute resolution procedures, such as mediation.

B, as an alternative to litigation. Mandatory arbitration. For all claims (excluding omissions or other fair exemptions) for which the total amount of the award sought is less than $10,000, you or VASA FITNESS may decide to settle the dispute through mandatory arbitration by telephone, online and/or only by written submission, if no personal appearance is required. In such cases, the arbitration process is managed by the American Arbitration Association or JAMS in accordance with its applicable rules or any other established REL provider agreed by mutual agreement between the parties. Any judgment on the arbitrator`s award of arbitration can be registered with any court responsible for the matter. Court. Any claim can also be decided by a competent court in Orem, Utah. You and VASA FITNESS agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the courts of County Utah County, Utah, Utah. Alternative resolution of disputes.

Vasa FITNESS will also consider the use of other forms of dispute resolution, such as mandatory arbitration. B to be held in Utah County, Utah or any other location agreed upon by the parties. All claims (except for claims of omission) between the parties must be resolved through the dispute resolution mechanism, which is selected in accordance with this section by the first party filing an application.

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