Ten sites that demonstrate the versatility of WordPress

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Whether you are selling merchandise, engaging with customers or just creating a forum to showcase new ideas WordPress has demonstrated that the format works.
Coupled with the mobile friendly nature of the format and an irrepressible developer following we have found that this is a winning combination.

The following 10 sites showcase just some of the versatility of the format.

Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones use WordPress as a powerful promotional tool; they use all of media based WordPress plugins to entice and excite fans with such Video content such as live teasers, Promotional videos and interactive images. It’s also a very effective e-commerce website that uses ITunes plugin and WooCommerce plugin to generate a substantial amount of money. They’ve even used WordPress to promote their whole discography which can be simply bought by a click of a button. Since creating the WordPress site they’re currently the highest grossing artists of 2014/2015 whilst touring.

Metro Magazine

WordPress is a great tool for uploading the latest news as its quick and efficient news plugins make this all possible. Metro have used this to their advantage and pump out news and other informative content at a rapid rate.

Performer Derren Brown

Derren Brown’s marketing team use WordPress and its bootstrap plugin to make their website not only look astonishing but to also sell Derren’s image as an illusionist and Trickster, based on the ground-breaking content and animations used on the site; it does just that.

AMC Network

AMC uses WordPress as a promotional tool to promote their television shows online on a global scale, since the award winning Walking Dead and Breaking Bad shows; they’ve established a considerable amount of viewers and fans to the network. So in order to make even more profit and expand their credibility they used WordPress to sell show merchandise and provide all their subscribed users to the latest news and episodes online on all their televised programs and movies all in HD. They’ve even used WordPress to create interactive games on their website.

Sony PlayStation’s official blog

Sony uses WordPress not only as a promotional blog tool but also as a way to respond to customer feedback at a fast pace. WordPress maybe a deciding factor for Sony and their console war with Microsoft’s Xbox as customers just want to play games without disruption and the quicker the service problems are solved the happier customers will be.

Sony Music

Sony Music is used to promote their recording artists with multiple media plugins that WordPress provides similar to the Rolling stones page in that respect however they also use Sony Music as a latest news/ blog platform also. It also optimizes the social media plugins available on WordPress.

Time Magazine

Time Magazine use WordPress to create an online magazine for the world to enjoy, it’s a very effective way to gain more viewers worldwide and uses the WordPress’ impressive Newsletter plugins to their full potential. Time is recognised has one of the world’s most famous magazines and WordPress will only bulk up their popularity and subscriptions at higher rate.

TED blog

TED blog is a very informative WordPress site as is up-to-date with the latest news from TED and uses WordPress plugins to create incredibly proficient features such as ‘Most Popular’ articles and ‘Trending’ articles. The blog is outstanding for keeping up with the latest TED lectures, articles and other content.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s promotional team wanted a provide Katy Perry with the best responsive site they could possibly build, so they suggested WordPress and never looked back. This WordPress site uses the Bootstrap plugin to its full potential and is the first of the list to use scroll triggered animations.

MTV News

MTV News uses WordPress to provide online users with all the latest news for music and movies. They have an archive full of all the latest stories and also provide a comments box feature to allow music lovers the chance to talk about the latest music.

At LMMC we have found WordPress to be suitable for every type of client and we are operating in such diverse areas as retail, restaurants, property development, marketing services, healthcare, events, engineering and e-commerce. In all these areas WordPress sites work really well.

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