Communicators key to consultation

Destinations require skilled communicators at every stage of their development from conception to implementation. We enable development teams to navigate a discipline very different from the management day job. Our communications support underpins this team in ensuring enduring positive outcomes.

Our expert, multi-disciplined team brings decades of experience working with developers, ensuring external relationships are nurtured and projects professionally represented at all times.

Navigating an interconnected landscape

In our crowded urban landscape straight-forward developments are a thing of the past. For nearly two decades, LMMC has guided developers in the implementation of projects spanning retail and residential across the UK and in to Europe. In every case, there is an acute demand for close monitoring and engagement with a variety of political, business and community groups.

Implementing dialogue between developer and stakeholder is instrumental in arriving at positive outcomes, yet as a task is sometimes overlooked and rarely achieved without professional help. In the digital age, the strains on the developer now also encompass social media and the multichannel communications environment where agility in communication is vital. Well-managed communications activity not only ensures new schemes get off on the right foot by engendering public backing from the outset, but can allow developers to overcome the most insurmountable of hurdles to progress and forge the most unlikely of alliances.

LMMC works with developers, construction companies, planning consultants and organisations, who themselves are looking to expand, as well as agents, politicians and the media as an interface for multi-discipline teams in managing perceptions and ensuring the right outcome.

Case studies

Here is quick overview of some of the developments we have helped get off the ground, outlining aspects of our broad range of supporting activities.

Sovereign Harbour

Sovereign Harbour is the largest mixed-use marina development in the UK and has become a landmark destination on the south coast.

Consultation Events, Media Management, Negotiation, Political Liaison, Presentation & Display Design, Project Management, Stakeholder Relations

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St. Martin’s Quarter

St Martin’s Quarter is a vibrant regeneration development and shopping and leisure hub in the centre of Worcester.

Leasing, Media Management, Planning Application, Public Events, Stakeholder Relations

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ASDA is Britain's lowest priced supermarket, a subsidiary of the American retail company Walmart and the UK's third largest chain.

Advertising, Media Management, Planning Application, Political Liaison, Sponsorhip

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