Worldwide BLOK-BEAM launch

One of our specialities is building awareness of game changing ideas and inventions which are disruptive in their simplicity and the efficiency saving they provide.

We have the knowledge and technology to reach out to journalists and bloggers internationally regarding a new product or service and achieve a global awareness in hours rather than months or years.

The latest example is BLOK-BEAM, a revolutionary new container handling system, aimed at easing the increasing problem of congestion which means that ports and shipping could save US$2 Billion per year.

The BLOK-BEAM system enables six containers to be lifted and transported as one single block - largely using existing port infrastructure.

According to, Managing Director of BLOK-BEAM Ltd, John Evans: “Now that ships are able to deliver around 20,000 20ft containers on one vessel - and the cranes to service them can lift up to 100 tonnes at a time - it is the ports which, in spite of their improved efficiency, have become the focus of attention in ship-to-shore movement.”

Ports handle over 500 million containers annually, of which as many as 25% are empty. With container terminals charging up to US$300 per lift, the potential savings to the industry are massive.

Evans continues: “We estimate that if only one-third of empty moves of containers are handled by BLOK-BEAM, the industry would save over US$2 billion per year - before even considering the vast expense of idle time, fuel savings, general efficiency, losses at sea and safety.

Given the opportunity this presents, LMMC has generated global interest and most particularly in Shanghai, China where the system is to be demonstrated later this month.

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